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Registration Open – Trại Hè Vietnamese Dual Language Summer Camp 2022

Hội Phụ Huynh

Registration Form for Trại Hè Summer Camp 2022 at McDaniel High School is OPEN until June 3rd

The goal of the camp is to provide a safe, culturally enriching, and linguistically enriching environment for our under-served and under-represented Vietnamese Dual Language Immersion students.

We plan to provide continuity of language exposure throughout the summer as well as to provide culturally relevant and enriching experiences to our students through a variety of unique and engaging activities that are rarely found in any of PPS’s summer offerings.

The Summer camp is only for students who are currently enrolled in the Vietnamese Dual Language Immersion program.

The camp has 3 sessions from 9am to 3pm – We accept 30 students for each session
Session 1: 7/11/2022 – 7/15/2022
Session 2: 7/18/2022 – 7/22/2022
Session 3: 7/25/2022 – 7/29/2022

To Register Visit:

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