Hội Phụ Huynh Trại Hè Summer Camp, started in Summer of 2022 is the only Vietnamese Dual Language Immersion Summer Camp of its kind in the Portland Metro region, which is home to the second VDLI program in the country. As the second most spoken emergent language in Portland, Trại Hè provides for an extremely large need in the community that is otherwise currently unmet.

Who We Serve

Trại Hè, serves students and families participating in the Vietnamese Dual Language Immersion program in Portland Public Schools. This currently extends to VDLI students at both Rose City Park Elementary School and Roseway Heights Middle School. All of HPH Trại Hè Summer Camp staff and volunteers have either studied Vietnamese, are bi-lingual, native speakers or are of Vietnamese heritage, and come from local and Vietnamese schools, universities and the community.

What To Expect

A typical week at camp would include culturally relevant and enriching experiences such as cooking, art, music, and Vietnamese language continuity exposure throughout the summer that are rarely found in any of PPS’s summer offerings.  The culturally and linguistically relevant programming will empower students to embrace a positive identity by reinforcing their knowledge of their own backgrounds and culture. It will help them be proud of who they are. And will encourage others to be proud of knowing who their fellow VDLI students are as well.