HPH Summer Newsletter – July 22nd 2020

Dear VDLI Families,

We hope you and your families are staying safe and are doing well.  We understand that these are challenging times for families and especially our children.  With your support and efforts, you have allowed Hội Phụ Huynh to continue to advocate for our students.  Thank you for your continuing support!

It is hard to believe, but the first day of the next school year is nearly a month away.  We are happy to report that HPH has continued its work through the summer months via socially-distant Google Meet meetings.  And we have several exciting news items to share with you.

Due to COVID-19, we previously asked many of our Board Directors who were at the end of their terms in June to remain on until August when HPH could more fully conduct our nomination and election process.  We’d like to thank all of our Board Directors who have stayed on and contributed above and beyond their original commitments.  Your contributions continue to make a meaningful difference for our children and VDLI program.  Thank you! 

The success of our parent group is predicated entirely on the help, support and efforts of the parents in the VDLI program.  We want to clarify that help, support and effort come in many different forms (i.e. not just from Board Directors).  Those forms may be as a parent volunteer, or it may be as a contributor on social media, or it may be as a concerned parent asking a question of HPH.  To best support our students, HPH needs all the help it can get, and in whatever form it comes in.  The role of HPH Board Directors continues to evolve to this day and exists to help steer the organization and the VDLI program to success.  However, supporting our program and our organization has and will continue to be achieved through our numerous parent and community volunteers.  We would like to give an extra special thank you to our volunteers that have taken on roles in HPH’s committees.  And we would like to encourage those parents who cannot make a commitment to be an HPH Board Director at this time to continue to contribute as a parent volunteer.  We need your help!

With August right around the corner, we would like to share what our nomination and election process will look like.

HPH Nomination and Election Process for HPH 2020/2021

  • Week of 7/20 – HPH Board Nomination forms, HPH Volunteer forms, HPH Board Director Application forms e-mailed out to all parents.
  • 8/8/20 – Deadline for nominations and applications
  • 8/9/20 – Review of all applications
  • 8/10/20 – HPH Nominating Committee conversations with nominees/application candidates
  • 8/12/20 – HPH Nominating Committee finalizes nominees/candidates at HPH Board Director meeting
  • 8/16/20 – HPH Board Director ballots e-mailed out
  • 8/29/20 – HPH Board Director training

HPH Fall school re-opening survey

Many unknowns remain about Portland Public Schools’ plan for school openings in the Fall.  We share in the uncertainty and anxiety of this reality.  To help prepare and support our VDLI families, we would like to ask for your participation in the HPH survey found HERE.  Please let us know what your experience has been with PPS’ learning model.  And please let us know how we can best support you.  Your responses will help contribute to how HPH can best support our students in the coming school years.

“We otter be doing this together!”

In a continuing effort to build strong relationships, partnerships and community within our school communities, HPH is holding a facilitated joint strategy meeting with the RCP PTO on August 15, 2020.  We hope to share out with everyone the fruits of our labor next month. 

Monthly HPH Board meeting reminder

We would like to remind all our families that HPH will continue to hold monthly Board meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.  Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 12th at 6:00pm and will be held via Google Meet.  A link to the meeting will be shared in advance on our Facebook page (facebook.com/HoiPhuHuynh.VDLI).  All are invited and welcome to attend.  Please stop by and say hi!

Welcome Kindergarten families!

We want to extend our warmest welcome to each of our incoming Kindergarten families!  We are so excited to have you join us on this amazing journey and opportunity.  We encourage you to reach out to learn about HPH, about how you can support your students and about how we can best help to support you.  Please expect a separate welcome letter and survey from HPH.  To begin our conversation, we want to share with you our Mission Statement and Vision.

HPH Mission Statement: Our organization engaged new and current families, promotes cultural enrichment, and seeks fundraising opportunities to sustain a strong Vietnamese Dual Language Program in Portland Public Schools

HPH Vision: Celebrating the Vietnamese culture while making diverse connections and ensuring equitable opportunities to help cultivate global change leaders

Again, we thank you to all for your continuing support.  As always, we would like to hear feedback from you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at HoiPhuHuynh.VDLI@gmail.com.


Board of Directors

Hội Phụ Huynh

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